It's not about being a perfect parent. It's about being an exceptional parent. It's about not having regrets!

Learn the secrets that I have learned over the years.

Everything I talk and write about today is all done within this context - 30+ years of teaching parenting, researching parenting - and perhaps most importantly, parenting our three kids, who are now adults. I think I know what great, effective parenting looks like and that feels good. I want you to know what I know!

This the Digital Age of Parenting!

You are parenting the first children born into the digital age!

Your parents didn't have to worry about keeping kids safe on the internet, or the choking game or cyber bullying. It is critical that parents get this information quickly!

We want to change the paradigm of parenting because it is outdated and can cause real harm.

We want to make this a better world for children and families  - a world of kindness, of respect for each other as human beings, and of connection

The connection I have is one of empathy. There is a huge mistreatment and inequality between parents and children. Our children are not our adversaries. We are a team and our children are equal team members.

This is not about being the perfect parent. This is about doing it better!

Parenting is breaking down everywhere because parents are working against natural forces. Many parenting experts - and traditional wisdom - are making parenting harder, not easier. I want you, the parent, to know that you can have more ease, more hope , more fun. Honestly, it doesn't have to be a struggle with your kids!

The information I will share with you will give you a powerful perspective. It's so critical that you get this information and quickly!

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Avoid regrets! Become an exceptional parent!

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"My mom shared something several years ago which really made me thankful that I had chosen the non punitive parenting path that I did. She said that she was initially worried when I made the decision not to spank my beautiful children. And then she added that they had turned out to be good kids (they were still teens when she told me this, and my son has ADD). She credited this to how I had decided to raise them respectfully.
Keep up the good work you do, Win. It is people such as yourself that help guide us along the way. Thank you."

- Debra Harshaw, Orthocare Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

"Loved, loved, loved your workshop! Please let me know when your next is!"

- Sara Jamieson

"I recently took your course and learned a lot of useful tips for working with my children. You should be proud of the work that you do and I am sure you have helped a lot of children through educating their parents. I wanted to thank you and let you know I really enjoyed the course."

- Michelle D. Reynolds
Barrister and Solicitor

"Just wanted you to know that our child is responding really well to our change in parenting, after taking your class. It has really opened up our communication. Thank you for giving us such great awareness. I think this course should be mandatory for all parents to take."

- Carrie Callegari

"I just wanted to tell you that when my son arrived home last night from his Dad's he was very physical and challenging but because of what I have learned from you he was sitting on my lap cuddling within 15 minutes. Previously this would've been a long drawn out process of sending him to bed, taking away privileges, etc.and ultimately causing him more anxiety and frustration.
Thank you so very much,"

- Jen (Windsor)

"Thank you for your wonderful knowledge. It has helped me more than you will ever know!"

- Jan Gillis

"I wanted to let you know that my husband and I have had some very good success with some of the tips you gave us at the parenting seminar so far. What a difference this is making. There is less stress. We are forming strategies for dealing with problems and my husband and I are on the same team. No more good cop bad cop."

- Sarah Dale, Chiropractor

"I heard Win speak for the first time in 1996. Since then she has helped me to make one of the most significant changes in my life. I have realized that I am not just some guy with a kid, but someone who has been given the gift of fatherhood — the opportunity and responsibility to nurture, love, and guide a beautiful child into adulthood.
A lot of friends and guys I know have people they look up to, strive to be like or admire — musicians, sports heroes or super heroes — but my hero is Win Harwood. Thank you Win."

- Brian Fader

"Your love of children and their well-being is
wonderful. We need more "Win's " in this world!"

- Gina Tesich - Executive Director
Lakeview Montessori School

"Just wanted you to know how much your seminar has changed my way of thinking, not only with my children, but in every other relationship in my life, from my husband, to my siblings, to my friends. I am looking forward to parenting being better equipped, with better ways to handle situations with my children."

- Lisa Jovanovski

“No other job in my life has been as challenging or as rewarding as parenting my three boys. I’ve taken many post-secondary education courses before, but none is more important and life changing as the parenting courses led by Win Harwood.”

- Pat Andrews, Kindermusik Creations

“After taking your course I now know that there is a different, a better more positive way to parent. I find you inspiring, honest and straight forward.”

- Johanna Beneteau &Associates