Books I Recommend

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Everyday, I learn more about how to be a better parent, a more loving person. I learn from my three adult children, my three grandchildren and my husband, who really is "the wings beneath my feet". I've learned from the hundreds of families that I have served, and I have learned from each personal experience of shifting from love to anger and back again.

I always say, "Parenting is all learned, not inherited." I began studying parenting over three decades ago. My experience is that all important jobs of responsibility, like parenting, require education. I am so grateful to others for their teaching. I read again and again these books that continue to inspire me, and motivate my work to make this a better world by making it a better world for children. I truly do stand on the backs of others.

Our parents couldn't have dreamed of having the information that is available to us today!

All the great teachers' books are not included in this list. To you authors, I apologize.