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Parenting Course

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"Winning at Parenting" 
May 8 & 10, 2014, 9 am - Noon, Windsor, ON!

Very excited about our upcoming weekend course!

After more than 30 years of teaching parenting, researching parenting - and perhaps most importantly, parenting our three kids, who are now adults - I think I know what great, exceptional parenting looks like. I want you to know what I know!

Parenting is breaking down everywhere because parents are working against natural forces. Many parenting experts are making parenting harder - not easier.

This the Digital Age of Parenting! You are parenting the first children born into the digital age. Your parents didn't have to worry about internet safety, the choking game or cyber bullying. It is critical that parents get this information to equip your children for the hazards of today and to keep them safe.

Why Parenting Courses Are GREAT

Parenting can be insane today!  You are pressed for time. You feel impatient. Parenting is not what you expected. You watch your child and see behavior you never thought you'd see. You wonder if something is wrong because your child won't listen or do what is asked - even if you ask nicely!

It's time for this to stop!  In this comfortable setting, come and enjoy Win's dynamic style, her humour, and practical approach as she engages you in an exploration of  'what works'. You won't want to leave! 

Find out how to stop yelling, how to deal with dawdling, siblings fighting, bedtimes and meltdowns. How can you motivate your child? Do you ever wish you and your spouse were on the same page? Get your questions answered!

Join us! Make it a date!

Positively Winning at Parenting
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After these two half-day sessions you will feel more confident because you will know: 

What parents are missing that makes parenting is so hard today and 

Why parenting doesn't have to be hard

Looking forward to seeing you there!